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Colorado Credit Reserve Program

The Colorado Credit Reserve (CCR) program creates greater access to capital for small businesses in Colorado by using small amounts of public resources to encourage private bank financing. The program provides an incentive for banks to offer businesses loans by creating a pooled reserve account to fund losses associated with loans registered in the program. The Office of Economic Development provided $2.5 million in additional funding for the program administered by CHFA. This funding has supported over 800 small business loans throughout Colorado.

Additional incentives are available to banks that register loans made to women and minority owned businesses, or businesses located in State Enterprise Zones. Attention Lenders: Please contact CHFA if your bank or lending institution is planning to enroll new loans in the CCR program. As of July 2013, funding for the CCR match is limited; however, participating lenders may either continue to enroll loans in the CCR program (but there may be no CCR match) or lenders may enroll loans in the Colorado Capital Access (CCA) program. Please contact CHFA or visit the CCA website for more information.

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