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Homebuyer Education

CHFA believes a well-informed homebuyer becomes a successful homeowner.

We sponsor free, in-person Homebuyer Education classes across the state through a network of CHFA-approved education providers.

Several providers also offer online classes in English and Spanish. The borrower will pay a $50.00 fee for this class and any co-borrower will pay $15.00. The borrower must complete the education and contact the provider to request a discount code for any co-borrower(s). These fees count toward the $1,000 minimum borrower contribution that CHFA requires.

The online class requires a follow-up one-on-one counseling session with the provider (counseling session can be via phone or in person). Borrower and co-borrower must contact the agency to coordinate the follow-up counseling.

Upon completion of the in-person or online course and counseling session, the borrower(s) will receive a certificate of completion from the counseling agency. This certificate is valid for nine (9) months.

View the CHFA Homebuyer Education Class Schedule to see a current listing of classes, including which agencies are currently offering online classes. To access online providers directly, click on one of the agencies listed below:
CHFA does not accept homebuyer education certificates issued by a non–CHFA-approved homebuyer education provider.

Please note:

CHFA-approved homebuyer education providers are experiencing a high volume of attendees at their in-person and online classes. We encourage all borrowers to register for a class as soon as possible and well in advance of the loan closing in order to avoid any loan closing delays.

homebuyer class resources

Below are links to the Homebuyer Education class materials. Students, please print out the Participant Guide prior to your in-person Homebuyer Education class to get the most from your experience. Additionally, reviewing the Curriculum in advance will give you a more in-depth understanding of the course material, and includes helpful appendices.

homebuyer education kit notice
The materials and information included in this Homebuyer Education Kit are intended for the exclusive use of the instructor, counselors, employees, and students of the CHFA-approved homebuyer education provider, and are to be used in conjunction with teaching a CHFA-authorized homebuyer education class. The approved provider agrees not to share this material with individuals and entities that have not been approved by CHFA to be homebuyer education providers.

In-person classes
For dates, times, locations, and reservations, please contact one of the agencies listed on this course schedule.

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