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Risk Information Score Card (RISC)

Helping Homeowners Become Successful

RISC Changes Effective with Reservations on or after January 1, 2012

Participating Lenders must complete a RISC Score Card for potential homeowners with loans that are manually underwritten (no matter the credit score) and potential homeowners with credit scores from 620 through 659, where the DTI exceeds 43%. Applicants must successfully pass a CHFA RISC Score Card in order to utilize any CHFA loan program.

While some applicants do not meet CHFA program requirements at this time, they may be able to qualify later by addressing some or all of the issues identified on the CHFA RISC, such as increasing their investment in the home, saving money or utilizing budgeting and/or counseling to improve their readiness to purchase a home and become successful homeowners.

You can access the new January 1, 2012 CHFA RISC and Instructions, FAQs, and Lender Collection and Judgment Worksheet. If you are familiar with the new instructions, access just the new Score Card.

DTI Requirements

No credit scores or
manually underwritten loans
Must pass RISC and
Maximum DTI 43%

Credit scores 620 - 659Borrowers with DTI >43% must pass RISC
Maximum DTI 50%

Credit score 660+No RISC required
Maximum DTI 55%

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