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about chfareach

Resources, Education, & Assistance for Colorado Housing (chfareach)

The chfareach membership and training program is a statewide cost effective educational tool that stabilizes and enriches your affordable housing community.

Membership Benefits

  • Training for owners, managers, and site staff that focuses on current social and financial issues surrounding the housing industry
  • Up-to-date information on multifamily housing, regulatory compliance, safety, and fair housing issues
  • Enhances your site's commitment to effective management and service delivery
  • Classes include take home materials that can be used as onsite reference aids
  • Opportunities to network with your colleagues and exchange ideas
  • Provides onsite resident education and tenant programs covering diverse subjects and activities, available exclusively to chfareach members.


q: What is the benefit of being a member versus a nonmember?

a: Chfareach members have unlimited access to all training classes without being required to pay registration fees.

q: Do I have to sign up all my properties for membership?

a: Membership is on a per property basis. Owners/managers may elect to join as many properties as they choose; it is not on an "all or nothing" basis.

q:  Who can attend classes from a member property?

a: Anyone affiliated with the member property, i.e., owner, manager, office staff, maintenance staff, etc., may attend. 

q: How much does membership cost?

a: The membership fee for 12 months is only $7.50 per unit per property.

Become a REACH member!

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