hpi - external relations

External Relations certificate (select up to four individual sessions)

Who should attend: executive directors, area managers, those who interact with the public and media, and those wishing for greater responsibility in their organizations

You may find use for the External Relations class series if you are speaking at conferences, representing your agency in public meetings, or handling media relations – whether routinely or in a crisis. These classes prepare you to speak confidently and on point.

Skills for the In-house Trainer

Who should attend: All staff and supervisors assuming training roles on behalf of their organizations

Exceptional trainers connect their topics to the mission, vision, and values of the organization. Training is effective when it contributes to the core results of the team. Sometimes this means actual delivery of new information and skills. Other times it means facilitating connections between attendees and information. This session will help you know when to do both.

What are the traits of exceptional trainers? Find out from the best!

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Speaking with Balance and Confidence: Write and Deliver Great Presentations

Who should attend: All speaking on behalf of their organizations, especially executive directors, area managers, and those who interact with the public and media

Learn the secrets of an international keynote speaker to exude confidence from your introduction to your conclusion. You will gain tools to calm the physiological stress of public speaking and mnemonic tricks to be sure you never lose your place.

This class allows for repeated individual practice to get the "mileage" needed to polish your skills and command your physiology.

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