cash collateral support

The Cash Collateral Support (CCS) program provides a cash deposit as additional collateral for a business loan when the business cannot meet the lender’s collateral requirements.

The maximum loan size allowed is $10 million and the business borrower must have less than 750 employees. The program is capped at deposits of 25 percent of the loan amount or $250,000 (whichever is less).

please note:
Funding for Cash Collateral Support is subject to availability and loan eligibility.​

​​​lender benefits

  • Strengthens lender’s LTV 
  • Cash collateral deposits are held by the lender 
  • Most businesses and loan types are eligible 

ccs example

​collateral​​ ​value ​margin ​lending capacity
Equipment ​$323,000 ​65% ​$210,000
​Cash Deposit   ​$70,000 ​100%   ​$70,000
Total ​​$280,000

    • Manufacturer  
    • $280,000 line of credit approved by lender, secured by existing equipment​
    • Equipment was valued at $323,000 
    • Bank limits were 65 percent LTV on used equipment 
    • A $70,000 cash deposit was provide​d through CCS

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