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  January 17, 2020

diy: update loans via homeconnectionsm

Locked a loan under one program and now need to change it to another?

Good news! For locks made on or after January 17, 2020, lenders will have the ability to update the following lock features while the loan is in “Reserved” status:
  • Change a program
  • Change a loan product
  • Update a purchase price, loan or down payment amount
  • Change a FICO score
  • Extend a Lock
  • Cancel a Lock
  • Reinstate a Lock
Simply click on the applicable icon associated with the Lock in the right column of the “Pipeline” screen in HomeConnectionsm and make the necessary edits.

Important: Always click on the “Update Lock” button once all changes have been made. This saves your changes and helps ensure the Lock still meets CHFA requirements. In addition, pay attention to any pop-up boxes, as these messages confirm the edits and alert you to any changes in dates, rates, or fees.

Again, this self-service feature is only available to you while the Lock is in “Reserved” status.

Should you need to make an edit to a Lock feature not mentioned above or the Lock is not in “Reserved” status, submit CHFA Form 704: Change or Cancelation of Lock and email it to the CHFA Lock Desk at

Click here for a visual walk-though.

Please contact the CHFA Lock Desk with any questions regarding these changes.

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