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bridges out of poverty February 4, 2020
Bridges Out of Poverty: Strategies for Professionals and Communities, Denver 02.19.20

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to solve or change the conditions of poverty in our communities? Do you want to make a real difference for those living in poverty?

The "Bridges Out of Poverty" workshop provides both the social service provider and the community member key lessons in dealing with individuals from poverty. Topics include increasing awareness of the differences in economic cultures and how those differences affect opportunities for success.

This one-day workshop will address:
  • the impact of poverty on those served by your organization;
  • the causes of poverty;
  • the hidden rules of economic class;
  • the impact of poverty on family structures;
  • resources needed for a stable life;
  • language, speech patterns, and cognitive issues; and,
  • ways to improve relationships and outcomes for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Hear from people who are using "Bridges Out of Poverty" concepts in this six-minute video.

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Belinda Waldron
chfareach Coordinator
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