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February 11, 2020

your decisions matter

Like it or not, every person working in affordable housing has the potential to cost their employer thousands, if not millions of dollars from a wrong decision. Considering the liabilities, facilities, and human vulnerability involved, providing affordable housing is one of the most complex endeavors in our society.

What decisions do you face on a daily basis? How are your choices impacting compliance or profitability? How do your choices affect the safety and well-being of individuals or communities?

Your decisions matter. Attend this two-day workshop to gain perspective, effectiveness, and concrete tools for making the tough choices you face.

Register by Friday, February 14, to receive a free customized assessment that will deepen your experience!

See more information and register at this link:

2020 Leadership Certificate: Next-level Tools for Decision Makers, Denver│February 26-27, 2020

what's new in 2020?

In 2020 the Housing Professionals Institute (HPI) will feature a two-day format for its Leadership Certificate (see above), Onsite Professionals Certificate, and Management Certificate. Learn more here.

Similar to 2019, half- and full-day HPI classes will be offered monthly. Participants completing at least four classes in a certificate track will be awarded a certificate at the end of the year. In 2020, certificate participants will use a unique chfareach ID to receive HPI updates and track their completion. Learn more here.

Interested in the External Relations Certificate? Start your HPI year with:

Speaking with Balance and Confidence: Write and Deliver Great Presentations │ March 11, 2020

Learn the secrets of an international keynote speaker to exude confidence from your introduction to your conclusion. You will gain tools to calm the physiological stress of public speaking and mnemonic tricks to be sure you never lose your place. See more information and register here.

Learn more about the Housing Professionals Institute.

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Interested in further training? Search events and register from the chfareach class calendar.

Chfareach provides resources, education, and assistance for Colorado multifamily housing. Membership in chfareach is not required to attend trainings. Please call 303.297.7497 at any time for assistance with your registration.

Belinda Waldron
chfareach Coordinator
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