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September 1, 2016

chfa’s multifamily portfolio reports available online

As part of our effort to support CHFA’s mission to strengthen affordable housing and economic development across the state, CHFA’s Multifamily Portfolio Reports are available for viewing on the CHFA website.

Updated quarterly, these reports will provide you with information about the current state of affordable housing in Colorado and include Per Unit Per Annum (PUPA) data and occupancy rates. You can use the interactive map to narrow your focus to regional reports, or you can look at statewide totals. You will also find links to other helpful multifamily sites.

We welcome your feedback and ideas for additional information we can provide that would be meaningful to you. It is our goal to supply you with the tools and information you need to continue your efforts to effectively provide affordable multifamily housing.

Thank you!

D. Brian Miller
Director, Asset Management Division
chfa ​