chfa 2016: year in review

CHFA’s 2016 Community Report “Envision. Inspire. Elevate.” is now available to view by clicking here. The report tells the story of our work last year to strengthen Colorado by investing in affordable housing and community development. Below are a few highlights.

In 2016 CHFA:
  • Invested in Coloradans’ futures: 6,090 customers served with home mortgage loans

    As soon as we got the keys, we went to the house and took a photo to mark our first big purchase as parents: a house for our kids to grow up in.” Aly Scott, CHFA homeowner in Johnstown.

  • Helped Colorado’s most vulnerable populations: 5,573 affordable rental housing units supported by multifamily loans and/or low income housing tax credits

    University Hill Senior Residences has played an important role in the community by offering elderly families who wanted to downsize their housing and stay local, an affordable option.” Henry Burgwyn, Owner of The Burgwyn Company

  • Strengthened Colorado economies: 4,486 jobs impacted by CHFA’s business finance programs

    Barriers to food access are more than just the lack of a grocery store. I truly enjoy creating a space where residents can see fresh food, grow plants, and really connect with the food experience.” Coby Gould, Executive Director of The GrowHaus