call to action: support lihtc priorities

​October 25, 2021

CHFA Partners,

Negotiations in Washington, D.C., are at a critical time. We urge you to contact Colorado's Democratic Senators and Members of Congress to urge them to advocate directly to Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer in support of the LIHTC (Housing Tax Credit) provisions passed by the House Ways and Means Committee and to support including as many of them as possible in the reconciliation package.

Among the Housing Tax Credit priorities we are seeking be included are:

  • A 50 percent increase in the federal 9 percent Housing Tax Credit allocation; and
  • A reduction of the bond financing threshold from 50 percent to 25 percent.

We understand the proposed target of $3.5 trillion for the package is being reduced to between $1.5-$2 trillion. We also know we have strong support for the Housing Tax Credit within the Colorado Congressional delegation, but we cannot take anything for granted. By working together, we can help make sure we do everything possible to help strengthen the Housing Tax Credit program in Colorado and nationwide.

Thank you for your support.