​December 3, 2016

​​Nucla Grocery Store Thrives After Renovations​

Megan Herrera

Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund supports renovations and upgrades to Nucla’s only grocery store, resulting in growth and energy efficiency

(Nucla, Colo​) - Redd's Mercantile, Nucla's only grocery store, has spent 2016 making renovations and upgrades to improve fresh food access for town residents. Today, members of the community, local elected officials, and partners joined store owners and staff to recognize the accomplishment.

Supported by grant and loan financing from the Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund (CO4F), several improvements have been made at Redd's Mercantile including: ceiling and flooring repairs, a new point-of-purchase system, and refrigeration upgrades. 

"CO4F is proud to see the result of the hard work put into renovating Redd's Mercantile. This store is crucial to the health of the Nucla community and these advancements will better serve customers for years to come," said Steve Johnson, Community Development Director of Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA), which administers CO4F.

Redd's Mercantile is owned by Michael Redd and his family. Faced with 50-60 year old refrigeration equipment, a leaking roof, and crumbling floors, the family sought support from CO4F to rehabilitate their store. Renovations made to Redd's Mercantile have improved energy efficiency, product selection, and overall sales.

"We've definitely seen an uptick in customers after renovating, in fact, our sales have increased by 10 percent. Also, our energy costs have dropped by $1,000 a month since making our equipment upgrades," said Katrina Carver, store bookkeeper and spokesperson.

Carver added that the store is now able to offer up to 200 new frozen and dairy products, and is in the process of expanding its produce selection.

"The Town of Nucla Board of Trustees would like to congratulate Michael and Redd's Mercantile on the newly remodeled store. It is beautiful, and so very nice to come into a store that is up to date and well taken care of. We wish them the best and we are very thankful their service to our community," said Mayor of Nucla, Dawna Morris. 

All improvements made at Redd's Mercantile were completed by local contractors including Done Right Construction, Wings Electric, and Wilson Heating, Air and Refrigeration. The 5,480 square foot store is located at 460 Main Street and supports 13 jobs.

Below are examples of before-and-after photos of the store's renovations.

Before                                    After

About Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund (CO4F)
The Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund (CO4F) generates jobs and improves access to healthy food in underserved Colorado communities by financing grocery stores and other forms of healthy food retail. A diverse set of partners, funding, and beneficiaries comprise the CO4F. Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) serves as the fund administrator and manages the allocation of grants and loans. Funding is provided by the Colorado Health Foundation, Piton Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, and The Colorado Trust. Other partners include the Fund’s Food Access Organization, Progressive Urban Management Associates (P.U.M.A.), and finance partner, Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF). For more information, please visit www.chfainfo.com/co4f​