homebuyer education

​Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
​In light of Governor Polis declaring a state of emergency for Colorado, CHFA will be temporarily covering the cost of online homebuyer education. Please pay attention to popup messages when registering for an online homebuyer education class, as a code may be provided to take the class free of charge.

Starting on March 16, 2020, individuals may choose a free online homebuyer education option, which can be found below. Reimbursement for online fees paid will not be granted by either CHFA or our homebuyer education providers.

Please note: CHFA is working closely with our homebuyer education providers to ensure the class schedule below is accurate. However, be mindful that providers may alert you to any changes or cancellations to class registrations. Should you decide to take an online class instead, please call the provider directly to cancel your in-person registration.

what to expect from the class

The best time to take a homebuyer education class is when you are considering buying a home. 

You will become an informed homebuyer and successful homeowner by learning:

  • How to create a budget as a homeowner
  • How credit impacts homebuying options and how to improve your credit
  • How to find a real estate agent and a lender
  • The costs of homebuying and the approval process
  • What to expect as a homeowner

steps to finding, registering, and completing a class

Important: Upon completing a class, you will be issued a certificate. Certificates are valid for 12 months; a borrower must be under contract to purchase a home before expiration of the certificate.

Online Option: Self-paced, averaging six hours

  1. CHFA offers online homebuyer education. Each borrower must individually and independently register and complete a class.
  2. Upon completion of taking the online class, all borrowers must also participate in a follow-up call with the provider to receive a certificate; the provider will email or call you to set-up the appointment. After the call, the provider (not CHFA) will send you the certificate.
  3. Provide the certificate to your lender.
  4. The lender will submit the certificate to CHFA.
  5. Register for the online course here.
In-person or Interactive Webinar Options: Live, averaging six hours

  1. Using the map below, click on the county in which you’d like to take a class.
  2. Use the scroll bar to view all classes in the list below the map.
  3. Can’t find an option that works for you? Click on another region to begin a new search.
  4. Once you find a class, use the “Registration Link" or "Call to Register" to enroll.
  5. Upon completion of the class, you will receive a certificate from the provider (not CHFA).
  6. Provide the certificate to your lender.
  7. The lender will submit the certificate to CHFA. 

who provides homebuyer education?

Classes are available across the state through CHFA's homebuyer education providers.* 

*Both in-person and online options are available in English and in Spanish. Contact the homebuyer education provider if language translation or ASL services are needed. All in-person classes are offered in facilities accessible for individuals with disabilities.