chfa dpa grant

CHFA is making homeownership even more affordable for your homebuyers! ​

Grant your borrowers - CHFA DPA Grant
​​​​​​​Grant your borrowers the freedom of homeownership with our down payment assistance grant! The CHFA DPA Grants are:​

    • Non-repayable;
    • Available for up to 3 percent of the first mortgage loan; and
    • Able to help with down payment, closing costs, and/or prepaids.

The CHFA DPA Grant can be paired with the following programs*:​​

    • CHFA Preferred Plussm
    • CHFA SmartStep Plussm
    • CHFA HomeOpenersm​ Plus
    • CHFA SectionEightsm Homeownership ​Plus

borrower premiums - additional savings for your customers​​​​

Borrower Premiums​ can get your borrower up to 5 percent assistance. Lear​n more about Borrower Premiums here.

* CHFA HomeAccess will maintain its unique Second Mortgage Loan program for $25,000.
** The CHFA Statewide Mortgage Credit Certificatesm and the CHFA HomeAccesssm programs will retain their purchase price limits.