occupancy and demographic reporting (nextgen)

starting 09.27.2021

NextGen is a web-based application used to collect tenant occupancy and demographic data for properties with Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC or Housing Tax Credits) or CHFA Loans.

NextGen is replacing the system known as WCMS.

Log in to Next Gen

get started

  • Users with active accounts can click the “Log in to NextGen” button to sign in.
    • WCMS users: please use your existing WCMS username and password to log in to NextGen.
  • To register for NextGen:
    1. Click the “NextGen LOGIN” button, then click the blue link under the “SIGN IN” bar to create a new account
    2. Refer to the “LIHTC/CHFA Loan Properties” document below for the CHFA property name and number, which is needed for registering for a NextGen account.
    3. On the registration form, be sure to select “Compliance User” as the “Account Type.”
    4. View the End Use License Agreement (EULA), then click the box to agree to its terms and conditions.
    5. Click the green “Create Account” button. Please allow up to 24 hours for your registration to be activated.
  • If you have forgotten your NextGen username or password, please click the “NextGen LOGIN” button and then click the blue “Trouble Signing In?” link.
  • Questions/Problems? Contact Peggy Boyd at pboyd@chfainfo.com.

​​​nextgen resources

NextGen Training

To obtain the password to access the training videos and NextGen user guide, please contact Peggy Boyd or your CHFA Program Compliance officer.

To skip to the demonstration for specific training modules, please see the timings listed below.

NextGen 1 - Basics and Navigation

NextGen 2 - Uploading Tenant Data 

NextGen 3 - Manually Entering a Move-in Certification (3:03)

NextGen 4 - Manually Entering an Annual Certification (3:04)

NextGen 5 - Manually Entering a Unit Transfer (2:57)

NextGen 6 - Manually Entering a Move-out Certification (2:57)

NextGen 7 - Reports (1:08)

NextGen External User’s Guide


If you have any questions, please contact your Program Compliance Officer or the Business Systems Analyst​. ​