We value integrity, expertise, fiscal accountability, operational excellence, and dedication to our mission.

Video: Hear from CHFA employees

Hear from CHFA Employees

We provide opportunities for employee development and demand exceptional creativity, professionalism, productivity, persistence, and the exercise of personal accountability within a boundaryless environment from all staff members.

We respect and promote diversity in our customers, partners, and employees, and work towards inclusion in all CHFA programs, activities, and decisions.​​

We have fun and, at the same time, we are serious about the manner in which we conduct business and how we treat each other.​

CHFA Diversity and Inclusion video

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion​

At CHFA, diversity means the similarities and differences among our employees, customers, and partners. Inclusion is embracing and leveraging those similarities and differences to achieve our mission.​​ 

CHFA employees represent diverse perspectives, opinions, and experiences, yet we function as a single, passionate group in our commitment to CHFA's mission. ​

View the video to learn more about our initiatives from Cris White, CHFA's Executive Director and CEO.

Employee Demographics Highlights

Data as of January 25, 2024






Gender Neutral


Full-time Employees


White, Not Hispanic or Latino


Hispanic or Latino


Black or African American


Asian, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Multi-race, or Other Race

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