down payment assistance grant

Grant yourself freedom from rising rents with the CHFA DPA Grant!​​ ​​

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​never pay it back! ​​

With the CHFA DPA Grant, you can grant yourself the freedom to have your own home, thanks to a little help from CHFA. And you never have to pay it back!

how much can I get?​

You can get a grant for up to 3 percent of your first mortgage loan* to help cover some of your down payment and/or closing costs. 

That would equal up to $5,100 for a $170,000 first mortgage loan!

​Talk to a CHFA Participating Lender to find out which CHFA loan 
pr​ogram​​ will give you the most savings! ​

use​ it to

    • Save money up-front
      Use the CHFA DPA Grant to help with your down payment, closing costs, and/or prepaids.
    • Keep your savings
      Use the CHFA DPA Grant and keep more of your money in savings.​
    • ​Improve your new home
      Use the CHFA DPA Grant to leave more of your money available to make your home your own​.​

​​do you need more help with​​ closing costs?​

​Let CHFA help you finance the closing costs with our Borrower Premium program​​​, available for 1 percent of your​ first mortgage loan amount. ​

That's an additional $1,700 for a $170,000 first mortgage amount!​

do you qualify?

You’d be surprised how many people do! See income limits i​n your area​.​​​ ​​

Find a CHFA Participating Lender

​grant yourself the freedom of homeownership!

Contact a CHFA Partic​ipating Lender ​to learn more and get started today.

* For a 30-year, fixed rate loan​​​