Once you have become a homeowner, CHFA is still with you. We understand that homeownership can be an important way to build and pass down wealth. A home is usually the largest purchase you will ever make and generally appreciates over time.

Generational Wealth
Generational Wealth
These resources can help you maintain successful homeownership and increase equity for years to come.

Some ways homeownership may contributes to generational wealth are: gifting a home to a family member, leaving a home to an heir in their will, or using cash from a home sale to gift to a family member so they can use it for college, their own home purchase, or other purpose to provide them a financial head start.

Here are some resources that may be helpful in your homeownership journey.

Homeownership Tools

Check out the links below to learn good habits to help keep costs down and stay on top of your home’s needs.

Housing Counseling for Homeowners

The following CHFA-approved counselors can provide you with information to help you stay on the right track to successful homeownership. Housing Counselors provide information, education and advice in various areas such as, how to create and maintain a realistic budget, credit issues, mortgage delinquency, foreclosure, and how you can avoid predatory lending.

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Terri and Lamont, CHFA Homeowners smiling in their kitchen

For us, homeownership means that we have something that we can pass onto our kids,” said Terri. “It will show our children that they can own something too―that it’s possible to have something of their own.

Terri and Lamont, CHFA Homeowners, Aurora