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​As a CHFA Asset Management partner, you benefit from a team-based approach that ensures you have the most up-to-date resources and experienced staff members working with you to maximize your property’s potential.​

What to Ex​pect from a Review

You will receive a personalized experience, since each development is assigned a CHFA Program Compliance Officer (PCO). The PCO is your primary contact for information and questions about compliance. At regular intervals, your PCO will complete a management compliance review, which includes a tenant file inspection and an onsite inspection of the development.

The onsite inspection will help to ensure the development is providing safe, decent, and sanitary housing, and will include a management practices review to ensure owner and the development compliance with program requirements.​

Click here​ to learn what is expected from your property's reviews.


Online Resources 

​The following programs and software will help you manage your compliance requirements and enrich your community.

Manage your required tenant certifications with this comprehensive software.​
Use​ Insight to access commercial loan and multifamily property information, and to securely upload documents needed for annual submissions, management reviews, and special claims. If you are new to Insight, you can request a new user account from the Insight login page. Please refer to CHFA's Insight Quick Step User Guide to learn more about Insight, or contact Peggy Boyd with any questions.
Stabilize and enrich ​your affordable housing community with the educational tools offered through the chfareach ​training program.​
List your available units on this free website for renters, buyers, and affordable housing ​property managers—also the State of Colorado’s official disaster housing resource.​​

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