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CHFA wants to help increase small-scale and middle income housing throughout Colorado to help assist with nontraditional, unique, and greater need housing. 

Small-scale Housing Technical Assistance

The program helps catalyze small-scale affordable housing developments by providing access to an affordable housing consultant and pre-development grant assistance.

Potential small-scale projects, of 30 units or less, may apply for affordable housing planning and development technical assistance (TA) services and pre-development grants to further their work.
  • 30 units or less
  • For sale or for rent
  • New construction, acquisition/rehab, or preservation
  • Grant for direct expenses available. 

Round One 2022 Pre-applications

are due March 25

Click here to apply

Technical Assistance Documents

2021 Technical Assistance Investment

January 1 to December 31, 2021


Technical Assistance


Technical Assistance Hours


Technical Assistance Rounds

Additional Resources

For additional resources check out CHFA's Resource Library. For training opportunites, visit chfareach.


Please contact us if you have any questions about Technical Assistance. 

Jerilynn Francis

Director, Marketing and Community Relations

Kristi Budish

Manager, Asset Quality and Commercial Loan Servicing

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