Apply to participate in CHFA's Small-scale Housing Technical Assistance program.

2024 Round One Program Details

CHFA anticipates inviting up to 10 project sponsors to participate in the CHFA’s Small Scale Affordable Housing Technical Assistance program during Round One 2024.

Pre-applications for project sponsors seeking to participate in Round One are due February 16, 2024.

  • Select project sponsors will be invited to participate in a one-hour Concept Meeting held virtually on either February 26th, February 27th, or March 5th.
  • Project sponsors invited to participate in the program will meet with the CHFA and consulting team to review a proposed Scope of Work and Participation Agreement on either March 8th, March 12th, or March 13th.
  • Consulting work will begin in April 2024 with all Scope of Work items targeted for completion by August 2024.
2024 Technical Assistance Deadlines
Round One: February 16
Round Two: August 2024 - Date TBA

Eligibility and Pre-application Information

The program helps catalyze small-scale affordable housing developments by providing access to pro bono affordable housing consulting and pre-development grant assistance.

What projects are eligible? Potential small-scale projects are defined as 30 units or less. These units can be for-rent or for-sale housing. The project can be new construction, acquisition/rehabilitation, or preservation.

Projects must address affordable housing needs, which means 75 percent of the units must serve households earning at or below 120 percent of Area Median Income (AMI), and 20 percent of total units must serve households earning 80 percent AMI or below.

What are eligible pre-development activities? Examples of eligible pre-development work include: community engagement, market studies, site identification, site feasibility, soils study, environmental site assessment, project visioning and conceptualization, financial modeling, real estate planning, cost estimating, architect and design concepts, and energy-efficiency and performance modeling.

How do I apply? Complete the pre-application form in order to evaluate readiness to proceed. Share your project vision and description, and capacity to leverage resources (e.g., staff, financial, and community support).

Next, selected applicants will participate in a one-hour concept meeting with CHFA and the technical assistance consultants to evaluate the proposed project and necessary consulting support to advance the project to success.