Interested in CHFA for homeownership? Learn the basic requirements to get a CHFA loan and the first steps you should take to get started.

CHFA believes in responsible, affordable homeownership. Through our statewide network of Participating Lenders, we offer:

General Program Requirements

The following are some of CHFA’s general requirements, which will be verified by the CHFA Participating Lender you choose:
  • Borrowers have a mid-credit score of 620 or higher
  • Borrowers’ income must not exceed CHFA’s income limits
  • Borrowers must individually and independently complete a CHFA-approved homebuyer education class prior to their mortgage loan closing date
  • Borrowers must make a minimum borrower financial contribution of at least $1,000 toward the purchase of the home

In addition to meeting CHFA program requirements, borrowers must qualify according to the underwriting guidelines as determined by your CHFA Participating Lender. CHFA does not qualify homebuyers, and any questions regarding your potential qualifications can be discussed with a CHFA Participating Lender.

Important Next Steps

  • Take a homebuyer education class:
    • You must complete a CHFA-sponsored homebuyer education class before closing on your home loan under a CHFA program. We recommend taking the class early in your housing search so that you are prepared to find a lender and real estate agent who are the best fit for you.
    • In-person and online options are available.
    • Register for a class today!
  • Contact a CHFA Participating Lender:
    • CHFA loan programs are available through our statewide network of CHFA Participating Lenders.
    • A CHFA Participating Lender will help you determine which CHFA loan programs will work for you. They will walk you through the entire loan process from application to closing.
Image of the Homebuyer's roadmap tool

Homebuyer’s Roadmap

Use this interactive resource to visit stops on the homebuying journey which highlight various aspects of buying a home and homeownership. You can follow the stops in order or select the stop of most interest based on where you are in the homebuying process. Dig deeper into topics you’re interested in using the additional resource links throughout.
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Homebuyer 101 Webinar

Attend CHFA's educational webinar to learn more about the homebuying process.