CHFA helps homeowners at risk of foreclosure connect with HUD-approved housing counselors.

About CHFA's Foreclosure Prevention Efforts

CHFA is committed to helping Coloradans achieve and successfully sustain homeownership through sound financial decision-making. As part of our work, CHFA has applied for and been awarded several grants totaling more than $12.7 million from NeighborWorks America, the Colorado Attorney General's office, and HUD to support homebuyer education and increased access to foreclosure prevention counseling. The first grant award was presented to CHFA in March 2008, with subsequent awards received annually through 2014. Using these funds, CHFA has partnered with several nonprofit housing counseling agencies to provide free, professionally trained foreclosure mitigation counseling to homeowners at-risk of foreclosure. To date, these funds have helped more than 22,000 Coloradans receive free housing counseling services and homebuyer education classes​; helping many avoid foreclosure. These grant funds are not allowed to be used for making mortgage payments, or curing any mortgage delinquency on behalf of a borrower.

Colorado Housing Connects

CHFA is also a proud sponsor of Colorado Housing Connects, 1.877.601.HOPE. Since its inception in 2006, four out of five homeowners who have met face-to-face with a housing counselor through the Hotline have found a successful resolution to their foreclosure situation.

CHFA's Housing Counseling Partners

If you are a homeowner at-risk of foreclosure, please call the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline at 1.877.601.HOPE (4673), or contact any of CHFA’s housing counseling partners listed below. Downloadable versions of this list are available in English (PDF) and in Spanish (PDF). 

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