You are not on this journey alone—you’ll be able to select your ultimate homebuying team. Having the right team helps give you confidence, step after step. Below are some resources to help you find lenders, real estate agents, and more industry experts.

Attend a Homeownership Event
Attend a Homeownership Event

Join CHFA and homebuying experts at free events throughout the year.

Pictured: Own Your Tomorrow Homebuyer Event

Housing Counselor

A housing counselor is your expert in all things homebuying. They can help you sort your finances to get ready and offer one of the greatest services—homebuyer education.


Lender/Loan Officer

A mortgage lender or loan officer works with a financial institution and will help you determine the mortgage amount you can afford, which loan program fits your needs, and choose down payment assistance, if needed. You should feel confident in the lender you choose; below is a list of suggested questions to ask to help you find your best fit. A great place to start is with CHFA Participating Lenders, linked to below.

REALTOR®/Real Estate Agent

Once you’ve determined you are ready to buy a home, choosing the right real estate agent is important to help you find the home you want. They should help you find homes that meet your must-have requirements while staying within your budget. Remember, the real estate agent works for you—you are in control of the process. Below are a suggested list of questions to find a real estate agent that meets your needs.

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