CHFA serves as the Contract Administrator (CA) in Colorado for HUD’s Section 8 project based rental assistance portfolio.

In that capacity CHFA performs a variety of functions, including the review, approval, and payment of the portfolio's Housing Assistant Payment vouchers and tenant files.

When submitting your property's TRACS files to CHFA via iMAX, please submit to TRACM17743.

TRACS file-submissions are due to CHFA by the 10th of the preceding month of your billing. (For example, your September files are due by August 10).

Important Notice: TRACS Submissions Require Active DUNS Number

The HUD memorandum, which includes the steps to register/re-activate your inactive or expired DUNS number in SAM, as well as contact information for assistance.

TRACS and Voucher Links

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CHFA Section 8 Compliance​ is ready to answer your voucher submission and TRACS questions.