How long is your MCC valid?

The MC​C is valid for 30 years as long as the home remains your principal residence and you are paying mortgage interest on the loan. It will expire only when you sell your house, no longer use the house as your primary residence, or are no longer paying mortgage interest on the loan.

Please note, CHFA has not issued MCCs since 2018. Any MCC issued prior to this time was mailed to you after closing on your mortgage loan. Using the information on the certificate, you should complete IRS Form 8396 and include it with your annual federal tax return to claim your credit. 

Should you have misplaced your MCC, please email or call CHFA at 888.320.3688 to request a copy.

Are you refinancing? Keep your CHFA MCCsm savings!

CHFA can reissue your MCC when you refinance your mortgage loan. However, your MCC will be reissued for the amortized balance of the original loan, even if you increase your loan amount in the refinance.

It is easy to have your MCC reissued. There are no qualifications other than you must still be living in the home as your primary residence.

Federal Recapture Tax

Borrowers who receive a CHFA MCC could be subject to the Federal Recapture Tax on those benefits when if they sell their home. The tax is part of the federal tax code and is collected by the IRS.