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For in-person or live webinars, please click on the presenter's name next to the date and time of the class that you wish to attend, to email your registration.

​ ​Monthly CHFA Lender Basic Training 
​Strongly recommended for originators. Unless otherwise noted, in-person address: 1981 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80202
​In-person Class
January 8, 10:00am to Noon Jacob Lammert
​Live Webinar January 17, 2:00pm to 4:00pm Register online
​In-person Class
February 7, 10:00am to Noon Shelley Ervin

CHFA Refresher Training  
Live Webinar
Janauary 15, 10:30am
​Register online

​Reserving (Locking) a CHFA Loan 
​On-Demand Training Video
​Training Slides (PDF)

​​​​CHFA HomeConnection 2.0 (CHFA's Reservation and Pipeline Management System)
Training Slides (PDF)
​HomeConnection 2.0 User Guide (PDF)

How to Check Loan Status
​On-Demand Training Video
​Training Slides (PDF) 

​​​​Borrower Qualifying Income for CHFA Loans ​
​On-Demand Training Video
​Training Slides (PDF)

​​​​Calculating Gross Annual Income for CHFA Loans (CHFA HomeAccess and CHFA FirstStep)
On-Demand Training Video
​Training Slides (PDF)

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