chfareach: Health and Housing 2024: Incentives and Opportunities for Denver Multifamily, Webinar

April 9, 2024 9:55am - 11:00am MT



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Class: 10:00am to 11:00am MT

Join us to learn why Denver multifamily building owners, developers, and housing executives are investing in energy efficiency.

You will learn:

1. why energy efficiency and indoor air quality matter to health outcomes for Denver residents;

2. Denver incentives for energy efficiency measures including heat pump equipment rebates and Electrification Feasibility Report rebates for multifamily buildings;

3. what the Healthy Homes program seeks to achieve, how it benefits owners and residents, and how it supports rehabilitation of small, older residential properties.

Questions are welcome!


BlocPower, Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC), and the City and County of Denver's Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency (CASR) have agreed to a three-year partnership as part of the Healthy Homes Program to expand equitable building electrification efforts in the City and County of Denver.

Through the Healthy Homes Program, CASR, BlocPower, and EOC will decarbonize 200 low- to moderate-income households, delivering the health and economic benefits of building electrification where they are needed most. Work will focus on building envelope improvements, access to solar and community solar gardens, and replacing gas appliances with electric induction stoves and heat pump heating and cooling systems specifically designed for cold climate performance with potential rebates available to assist with electrification costs/evaluation.

Several recent studies have linked fossil fuel appliances to hazardous indoor air pollutants that cause respiratory illness and early death, pollution levels that would be illegal if measured outside, and socioeconomic disparities in concentrations of fine particulate matter. In addressing indoor air quality through electrification, this program will create clean resilient homes for a warming climate, all while decarbonizing Denver's buildings and homes in the communities that need it most.

This class is free to all participants.

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