Smiling Aviation

Smiling Aviation

Business Lending
Smiling Aviation is the fixed-base operator and manager of the Delta County Airport, and specializes in aircraft maintenance, repair, and storage.

When Smiling Aviation outgrew its space and couldn't efficiently keep up with aircraft maintenance demands, the company reached out to CHFA to finance their expansion. CHFA was proud to support Smiling Aviation with a $243,774 loan under CHFA's Rural Development Loan Program.

"The expansion made such a big difference for us and the amount of work we are able to do. Before, we could only fit two airplanes and now we can fit 12 or 13. We've been able to increase production, efficiencies, and even staff," said Vice President, Cheryl Husmann.

Smiling Aviation currently services approximately 150 aircraft for more than 100 businesses and individuals.

"We see the opportunity to be the center of a better economy happening here on the Western Slope," said Cheryl. "A second business has opened here at the airport, offering air tours and skydiving. We'd love to see more of the commercial aircraft market expand, and more small businesses come to the area to create jobs and retain our young workforce. We believe that airport growth can drive small business growth."
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