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strengthening community

​To help you develop safe and affordable housing for all Coloradans, CHFA offers loans and tax credits you can use to build new, and renovate existing, multifamily housing. To help your developments’ success, we also provide technical assistance and education for property owners, staff, and residents.

Together, we can make Colorado stronger—because strong communities make strong economies.​​​​
Take advantage of Colorado Housing Search, a fast, easy-to-use, free website for renters, buyers, and affordable housing property managers.

Get multifamily loans to acquire, rehabilitate, build, or refinance your affordable rental housing projects.​

Developing or preserving affordable rental housing?

Apply for equity for affordable apartment developments utilizing Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs) from CHFA, Colorado’s allocating agency.​​​

CHFA’s Asset Management team is your resource for affordable multifamily housing. 

We offer compliance oversight, educational expertise, and excellent customer service for multifamily property owners, managers, staff, and residents. ​​

Stabilize and enrich your affordable housing community with the educational tools offered through the chfareach training program.

Explor​e a broad range of materials to learn about the background and current state of affordable housing in Colorado.

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