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CHFA can finance your commercial real estate and equipment purchases. Our team of experienced professionals can assist with your business’s financing needs and match you with the right product.

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Take the next step in your business plan. 

Our loan programs and knowledgeable team are a bridge to the resources you need.
Access tax exempt financing to expand your facilities and acquire new equipment. 

Compete in a global marketplace while creating local jobs with our competitive Industrial Development Bond (IDB) program. ​
Access tax exempt financing to purchase, renovate, and refinance your facilities at competitive rates. 

By working with CHFA, you can retain your hard-earned money for your mission ​
The Colorado Historical Foundation Revolving Loan Fund provides low interest rate loans to help preserve Colorado’s historic buildings.

We partner with the State Historical Fund to provide flexible financing options for the restoration and rehabilitation of historic properties in Colorado. ​
CHFA administers the Colorado Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund.

This partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides loans for the clean-up of environmentally contaminated properties. ​

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