CHFA offers two long-term permanent-only financing solutions, SMART and SIMPLE. Both can be paired with CHFA’s flexible gap programs, offering you additional adaptability to meet the collateral needs for your project.

Use the table below to find which program is the right fit. Click on the program name to learn more.

Program Sizeable Multifamily Affordable Risk Share Tool (SMART)
Small Multifamily Permanent Loan (SIMPLE)
Loan Limit $3-6M Up to $3M
Loan Term Up to 40 years 35 years
9% Housing Credit projects? Yes Yes
4% Housing Credit projects? Yes No
Non-Housing Credit projects? Yes No
FHA Risk Share Insurance required Yes No

What is the loan process at CHFA?

CHFA’s processing time is competitive with other lenders in the industry. Typically, the timeline is between 60 and 90 days for a permanent loan. 

Click on the link below to view the CHFA permanent loan process map.

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