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Hays and Strode Law, P.C.

Hays and Strode Law, P.C.

Business Lending

Hays and Strode Law, P.C. offers family law services and was founded in 2014 by Katie Hays and Angela Strode. The firm is based in Rifle and serves Rio Blanco and Garfield counties. In 2016, Katie and Angela desired to purchase property they were renting to operate their firm. A friend referred them to CHFA, they formed an LLC to own the real estate, and obtained financing through CHFA’s Rural Development Loan Program. 

“The loan from CHFA enabled us to purchase our office space and be in control of our own destiny,” said Angela. “Our CHFA Rural Development Loan has a reasonable payment and that has allowed us to have money to make upgrades to the property and establish our finances. This has helped us become successful and serve more clients,” added Katie.

Hays and Strode is a member of the Rifle Chamber of Commerce and very active in the community. The firm sponsors a local farmer’s market that runs a charitable lemonade stand, which doubles the value of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits used at the market. Angela and Katie also attend the local high school’s job fair every year and regularly speak to classes at the high school.

“Because we’re attorneys, professionals, and women, we feel strongly that we should talk with students to hopefully inspire them and show them they can earn a degree and be professionals too, no matter what their situation is,” said Katie.

CHFA’s loan program helped Hays and Strode build a foundation for their business and set them on a path for continued success. The owners say that eventually they may want to operate an additional location and add to their team. Angela explained, “We’re really excited to grow this business. We’re both motivated to work hard, achieve and succeed, and build an even stronger reputation in our community.”

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