2020 lihtc round one awards

The following affordable housing developments were awarded federal LIHTC by CHFA.

7900 E. Colfax PSH Apartments, Denver 
Developer: Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. 

This development will offer a supportive housing model that is new to Colorado by supporting homeless families and individuals living with brain injuries. Project-based vouchers provided by the Denver Housing Authority and the Colorado Division of Housing will support all households and the City of Denver is supporting the project by providing the land at no cost to the project. Common areas will include engagement space for services programing and an outdoor community space for use by the residents and the community. 

72 Units: 47 One-Bedroom; 19 Two-Bedroom; 6 Three-Bedroom 
72 @ 30% AMI;  
9% Credit Awarded: $1,299,870   


Atlantic Senior, Denver 
Developer: Lexton McDermott 

This development will support seniors age 55 and older in southeast Denver. The developer is partnering with Eaton Senior Communities to provide a broad range of supportive services to the residents at no charge including healthcare, mental health, vision support, physical therapy, food commodity support and wellness support for aging in place. The site is located 0.3 miles to major bus lines on Evans Avenue. 

62 Units: 48 One-Bedroom; 14 Two-Bedroom  
14 @ 30% AMI; 12 @ 40% AMI; 21 @ 50% AMI; 15 @ 60% AMI 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,000,443 


The Apartments at Cinnamon Park, Longmont 
Developer: Senior Housing Options 

This development will serve seniors age 62 and older and will complete a campus owned and operated by the developer that includes an assisted living facility. Supportive services will be offered to the residents at no charge including transportation to a grocery store once a week, wellness checks, health education, and recreational activities. Residents will have the option to purchase some of the assisted living services such as meals and housekeeping. The development will be certified under the Zero Energy Ready Home certification program. 

25 Units: 4 Studios; 21 One-Bedroom 
3 @ 30% AMI; 7 @ 40% AMI; 7 @ 50% AMI; 8 @ 60% AMI 
9% Credit Awarded: $552,219 

The Commons, Colorado Springs 
Developer: Homeward Pikes Peak 

This development located on the east side of Colorado Springs will provide permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless families, individuals, and veterans. The development will help meet Colorado Springs' strategic plan to end homelessness and will be part of a unique partnership formed between nonprofit developer, Homeward Pikes Peak, lead supportive service provider, Diocese of Colorado Springs, and co-general partner, Dominium Development, a for-profit entity that is providing pro-bono development services. Furnishings will be provided to the residents at no cost. All of the units will be supported by project-based vouchers provided by the Colorado Division of Housing. 

50 Units: 20 One-Bedroom; 16 Two-Bedroom; 14 Three-Bedroom  
50 @ 30% AMI  
9% Credit Awarded: $1,029,794   


Confluent Park Apartments, Salida 
Developer: Commonwealth Development Corp. 

Confluent Park will serve families in an area of Colorado that is experiencing an acute shortage of attainable housing. It will be part of a master-planned development that will include single family homes and commercial/retail opportunities. The development will align with the affordable housing goals of both the City of Salida and the County of Chaffee and will be the first LIHTC development in Salida in more than 20 years. The development will be certified under the Zero Energy Ready Home certification program. 

48 Units: 24 One-Bedroom; 21 Two-Bedroom; 3 Three-Bedroom
3 @ 30% AMI; 9 @ 40% AMI; 36 @ 50% AMI 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,220,000 

GreenHaus/Thrive, Denver 
Developer: Denver Housing Authority 

Together, GreenHaus and Thrive represent the second phase of the Denver Housing Authority's (DHA's) redevelopment of the Sun Valley neighborhood. DHA received a HUD Choice Neighborhood Initiative grant for the redevelopment, which will include replacement of 333 obsolete housing units and the creation of over 850 mixed-income units over six phases. The master redevelopment will transform this neighborhood into a vibrant community with affordable rental homes, market-rate housing, commercial and retail businesses. Residents will have access to a wide range of supportive services at no cost such as early childhood education, employment and workforce development services, homeownership and financial fitness education, and wellness programs. 

184 Units: 46 One-Bedroom: 70 Two-Bedroom; 55 Three-Bedroom; 8 Four-Bedroom; 5 Five-Bedroom 

10 @ 20% AMI; 64 @ 30% AMI; 30 @ 40% AMI; 21 @ 50% AMI; 11 @ 60% AMI;  23 @ 70% AMI; 25 @ 80% AMI 

9% Credit Awarded: $1,350,000 
4% Credit Awarded: $1,681,458 

The Iron Horse, Alamosa 
Developer: Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp. 

This development will serve individuals and families and will be the first newly constructed LIHTC development in the San Luis Valley in 19 years. The site is less than one mile from schools, grocery, pharmacy, medical services and other amenities. The developer has committed to offer services through its Stepping Stones program. 

41 Units: 14 One-Bedroom; 21 Two Bedroom; 6 Three-Bedroom 
8 @ 30% AMI; 5 @ 40% AMI; 24 @ 50% AMI; 3 @ 60% AMI; One Employee Unit 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,141,509 

Lamar Station Crossing Phase II, Lakewood 
Developer: Metro West Housing Solutions

This development will be adjacent to Lamar Crossing Phase I, an award-winning development (Charles Edson Tax Credit Excellence Award, AIA Architects' Choice Award, Housing Colorado People's Choice Award) and will be located just steps from the Lamar Street light rail station on the W Line. Shared amenities for both phases include a large community room, fitness center, business center, free WiFi, bicycle storage, playground, picnic/barbeque area, and outdoor classroom. The development will be certified under the Zero Energy Ready Homes program. 

65 Units: 3 Studio; 27 One-Bedroom; 28 Two-Bedroom; 7 Three-Bedroom 
7 @ 20% AMI; 6 @ 30% AMI; 14 @ 40% AMI; 13 @ 50% AMI; 13 @ 60% AMI; 6 @ 70% AMI; 6 @ 80% AMI 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,240,588 

McCain Apartments, Breckenridge 
Developer: Gorman & Company 

McCain Apartments is substantially supported by the Town of Breckenridge in the form of a land lease, loans, and large investments in utility and site improvements as part of an effort to encourage development of much-needed affordable housing in the community. The site has strong connectivity to the town and surrounding area via a free county bus system, and a bike and pedestrian path. The development will be certified under the Zero Energy Ready Home program and will strive to reach the Net Zero Energy designation.  

80 Units: 36 One-Bedroom; 36 Two-Bedroom; 8 Three Bedroom 
4 @ 30% AMI; 20 @ 50% AMI; 40 @ 60% AMI; 16 @ 100% AMI restricted/non-LIHTC 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,350,000 

Point Affordable Apartments, Aurora 
Developer: Mile High Development 

Point Affordable Apartments will be part of the redevelopment of the former Regatta Plaza in Aurora across from the Nine Mile RTD light rail station. The redevelopment recently opened a new King Soopers along with other new retail. An entertainment district is also planned that will include a dine-in movie theater, and other dining and entertainment options. A pedestrian bridge across Parker Road to the Nine Mile Station is scheduled to be completed in early 2022. One free ECO pass for RTD transportation will be provided for each unit.   

63 Units: 27 One-Bedroom; 22 Two-Bedroom; 4 Three-Bedroom 
7 @ 30% AMI; 11 @ 40% AMI; 12 @ 50% AMI; 11 @ 60% AMI; 11 @ 70% AMI; 11 @ 80% AMI 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,192,672 

Renaissance Legacy Lofts, Denver 
Developer: Colorado Coalition for the Homeless 

Renaissance Legacy Lofts will be part of a mixed-use development that will connect housing with healthcare by serving homeless who are high utilizers of emergency health care systems. The development will consist of 98 permanent supportive housing residential units and 75 recuperative beds. The developer will be able to offer Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) services, the most intensive form of community-based mental health care treatment for the most at-risk individuals. The development will be across from the developer's Federally Qualified Stout Street Clinic.   

98 Units: 11 Studio; 53 One-Bedroom 
28 @ 30% AMI; 13 @ 40% AMI; 12 @ 50% AMI; 11 @ 60% AMI 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,350,000 
4% Credit Awarded: $398,808 

RidgeGate Affordable Apartments, Lone Tree 
Developer: Koelbel and Company 

This development will be located in Lone Tree's City Center, an emerging area that will become Lone Tree's vibrant downtown supported by commercial, office, residential and mixed-use districts surrounded by an extensive park and open space network. The site is adjacent to RidgeGate Parkway Station, which is a new extension of the Southeast Light Rail line. Residents will have easy access to jobs and amenities in the immediate area, as well as the Denver Tech Center and downtown Denver. One free ECO pass for RTD transportation will be provided for each unit. 

67 Units: 39 One-Bedroom; 18 Two-Bedroom; 10 Three-Bedroom 
7 @ 30% AMI; 13 @ 40% AMI; 17 @ 50% AMI; 4 @ 60% AMI; 10 @ 70% AMI; 16 @ 80% AMI 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,347,368 

Ridgway Space to Create, Ridgway 
Developer: Artspace Projects, Inc. 

This development, located in the downtown creative district, is being supported by a collaboration among the Town of Ridgway, Artspace Projects, Inc., the Space to Create Colorado Program in the Governor's Office of Economic Development and International Affairs (OEDIT), the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), and several private foundations. The building will include 2,100 square feet of flexible community space that will be master leased by the Town for community meetings and events.  The units will have flexible open floor plans with large windows and doors and will help address significant rental housing scarcity in the region.  

30 Units: 24 One-Bedroom; 6 Two-Bedroom 
4 @ 30% AMI; 4 @ 40% AMI; 7 @ 50% AMI; 11 @ 60% AMI; 4 @ 80% AMI 
9% Credit Awarded: $800,018 

VOA Senior Residences, Fort Collins 
Developer: Volunteers of America 

VOA Senior Residences will offer affordable rental homes and supportive services for seniors age 55 and older and persons with disabilities in southeast Fort Collins. Free lunches will be provided at least once a week and VOA will partner with many local organizations to connect residents with a multitude of services and amenities. Free bus passes will be offered to the first 55 residents. The development is close to shopping, groceries, pharmacies, and other amenities. Biking and walking trails and a park are within walking distance from the site. The development will be certified under the Zero Energy Ready Homes program. 

55 Units: 39 One-Bedroom; 16 Two-Bedroom 
4 @ 20% AMI; 14 @ 30% AMI; 5 @ 40% AMI; 4 @ 50% AMI; 10 @ 60% AMI; 12 @ 70% AMI; 6 @ 80% AMI 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,302,200