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​updated April 5, 2019

Call To Action: Contact House Appropriations Members to Urge Support for HB19-1228 to Increase the State Affordable Housing Tax Credit (AHTC)

Community leaders, housing advocates, and business leaders have come together to support HB19-1228, which proposes to increase the amount of state Affordable Housing Tax Credits (AHTC) available for annual allocation from $5 million to $10 million in 2020-2024.

HB19-1228 passed out of the House Finance Committee on February 21 with bipartisan support, and now awaits consideration before the House Appropriations Committee. With less than one month remaining in the legislative session, please contact the House Appropriations committee members to urge action on and support for HB19-1228.

Click here for the House Appropriations Committee member list and their contact information. Please also thank the bill sponsors: State Representative Shannon Bird, Representative Brianna Titone, Senator Jack Tate, and Senator Rachel Zenzinger.

Key Facts About the state AHTC Program:

Since being reauthorized in 2015, the state AHTC program has:
  • Directly supported the development of 4,796 affordable rental units;
  • Leveraged $534 million in new private-sector investment to support affordable housing in Colorado;
  • Supported new affordable housing for the state’s low and moderate-income workforce, seniors, homeless and special needs communities; and
  • Is estimated to generate $1.9 billion in economic impact.
Current demand for state AHTC is out-pacing availability. Simultaneously, the need for more affordable housing is growing statewide with one out of every four renters being cost-burdened and half of the state’s extremely low-income renters spending more than 50 percent of their gross annual income on housing.

For more information about HB19-1228 and the state Affordable Housing Tax Credit (AHTC) program, click here.

Click here to add your organization to the list of businesses, nonprofits, and community leaders in support of HB19-1228. Click here to view the list of supporters as of 04.09.2019