The following affordable housing developments were awarded federal LIHTC by CHFA.

2814, Grand Junction
Developer: Grand Junction Housing Authority
This development is designed for inclusivity, which will serve a diverse group of households such as those with mobility issues, single parents with children, and seniors. The location is ideal with public transportation available on the south side of the site, proximity to grocery shopping, medical, recreation, and services. A 205-acre park is being planned across the street which will provide nature trails, ball fields, a community recreation center, and other amenities.

60 Units: 54 One-Bedroom; 6 Two-Bedroom
8 @ 30% AMI; 18 @ 40% AMI; 16 @ 50% AMI; 18 @ 60% AMI; 
9% Credit Awarded: $1,349,865

Academy Place, Broomfield
Developer: Summit Housing Group
Academy Place will serve families and individuals and will be the first LIHTC-supported family development in the City and County of Broomfield in over 20 years. The developer will partner with local Family Resource Center, Broomfield FISH, to provide services and referrals to the residents. It will be located within walking distance to an elementary school and with be within one mile of many shopping centers.

50 Units: 8 One-Bedroom; 26 Two-Bedroom; 16 Three-Bedroom; 
5 @ 30% AMI; 11 @ 40% AMI; 6 @ 50% AMI; 27 @ 60% AMI, One Employee Unit
9% Credit Awarded: $1,254,749

Calkins Commons, Cortez
Developer: Housing Authority of Montezuma County
Calkins Commons will include the adaptive re-use and historic preservation of the Calkins School, originally constructed in 1909, along with new construction of two additional residential buildings. The developer will offer after-school tutoring and computer classes to the residents at no cost. The development is in downtown Cortez with access to public transportation, many parks, grocery stores, restaurants, and other amenities.

42 Units: 20 One-Bedroom; 22 Two-Bedroom
2 @ 20% AMI; 8 @ 40% AMI; 20 @ 60% AMI; 12 @ 80% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $1,208,000

Espero Apartments, Durango
Developer: Housing Solutions of the Southwest and Blueline Development
Espero will provide on-site supportive services and housing for individuals who are experiencing homelessness, with a preference for those who are chronically homeless and have behavioral health or other disabling conditions. The site is located within a quarter mile of Durango’s transit center and within walking distance of the City’s downtown core.

40 Units: 40 One-Bedroom
40 @ 30% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $904,292

Flats at Ford Street, Golden
Developer: Jefferson County Housing Authority
Flats at Ford street will be developed in an area with limited opportunities for future development of affordable rental housing. The development will be located across the street from Golden High School, one block from three RTD bus lines, and within walking distance of grocery stores, retail, and other amenities. The development of the site will include removal of currently blighted buildings. Family Tree will provide services and referrals for the residents.

44 Units: 1 Studio; 19 One-Bedroom; 20 Two-Bedroom; 4 Three-Bedroom
9 @ 30% AMI; 7 @ 40% AMI; 10 @ 50% AMI; 18 @ 60% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $915,000

Hot Springs Townhomes, Pagosa Springs
Developer: Archuleta County Housing Authority
Hot Springs Townhomes is the result of a multi-year engagement and planning process with community members from Archuleta County and the Town of Pagosa Springs to help address the critical need for affordable housing within their community. A Department of Human Services building will be constructed adjacent to the development which will provide an array of services to the residents. 

34 Units: 10 One-Bedroom; 22 Two-Bedroom; 2 Three-Bedroom
3 @ 30% AMI; 6 @ 40% AMI; 13 @ 50% AMI; 12 @ 60% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $1,199,692

Legacy Senior, Arvada
Developer: Cornerstone Associates
Legacy will serve seniors age 55 and older. The developer will partner with HealthSET to provide on-site wellness assessments and nutrition classes and with Denver Urban Gardens to provide an accessible community garden with raised garden beds. The development will help meet the City Council of Arvada’s strategic plan to facilitate a minimum of 50 units of attainable senior housing by 2019. 

72 Units: 36 One-Bedroom; 36 Two-Bedroom
8 @ 30% AMI; 2 @ 40% AMI; 38 @ 50% AMI; 18 @ 60% AMI; 6 @ 70% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $1,350,000 

Maxfield Heights, Rifle
Developer: TWG Development
Maxfield Heights will be the first senior LIHTC development in Rifle and will serve residents age 55 and older. The building will include design features and amenities to serve individuals with hearing, vision, and mobility challenges. The developer will partner with the Rifle Senior Center across the street to provide services to the residents. A park and ride is 0.4 miles from the site and will provide access to the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA), which offers free transit throughout the Roaring Fork Valley for seniors.

50 Units: 50 One-Bedroom
10 @ 30% AMI; 10 @ 40% AMI; 20 @ 50% AMI; 10 @ 60% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $1,194,251

Oakwood Senior, Castle Rock
Developer: Douglas County Housing Partnership
Oakwood will serve seniors age 55 and older. Three older buildings at the site are being demolished and replaced with more housing units and community amenities, such as a large community room with flex space for events and a roof-top deck. The new common amenities will benefit the new residents as well as the existing residents in the developer’s adjacent property.

53 Units: 45 One-Bedroom; 8 Two-Bedroom
6 @ 30% AMI; 16 @ 40% AMI; 22 @ 50% AMI; 9 @ 60% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $1,165,747

The Mill Apartments (fka Old Town Apartments), Fraser
Developer: Grand Park Homes
This development will offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom units at an affordable rent for families and individuals in an area that severely lacks affordable housing options due in part to the growing trend of housing stock being used as investments and second homes. The development is close to schools, grocery, and medical amenities. The Lift, which is a Winter Park transit system, has a stop 0.2 miles from the development and provides free transit throughout Grand County. 

60 Units: 24 One-Bedroom; 24 Two-Bedroom, 12 Three-Bedroom
8 @ 30% AMI; 7 @ 40% AMI; 18 @ 50% AMI, 13 @ 60% AMI; 10 @ 70% AMI;
4 @ 80% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $1,350,000

Red Hill Lofts, Carbondale
Developer: Aspen Pitkin Employee Housing Inc.
Red Hill Lofts will be located 0.4 miles from the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s (RFTA) Carbondale park and ride. The development will be adjacent to a bike/pedestrian path that connects to the Rio Grande path, which is a 42-mile trail that runs from Glenwood Springs to Aspen. The nonprofit developer was formed to help solve the affordability challenges in the area.

30 Units: 14 Studio; 12 One-Bedroom; 4 Two-Bedroom
12 @ 30% AMI; 18 @ 50% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $815,214

The Right Place, Pueblo
Developer: Cardinal Capital and Health Solutions
The Right Place will provide permanent supportive housing to homeless individuals, homeless veterans, and individuals being released from the local county jail with substance abuse and mental health issues. Health Solutions, a member of the development team, has extensive experience in serving this population in Pueblo.  The site will be within walking distance to many amenities such as a bus line, a rehabilitation facility, other service agencies, and employment.

35 Units: 35 One-Bedroom
6 @ 30% AMI; 29 @ 50% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $843,000

Shooks Run Apartments, Colorado Springs
Developer: Colorado Springs Housing Authority
Shooks Run will serve families and individuals in Central Colorado Springs on a site that once held barracks-style obsolete housing. The development will contribute to meeting the City’s strategic plan to add 1,000 units of affordable housing each year for five years. The development will be across the street from Shooks Run Park. It is also less than a mile from The Springs Legacy Institute, which offers many services to low-income families such as early childhood care, food, and clothing. 

40 Units: 12 One-Bedroom; 20 Two-Bedroom; 8 Three-Bedroom
10 @ 30% AMI; 16@ 40% AMI; 11 @ 50% AMI; 3 @ 60% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $1,011,891

Shoshone, Denver
Developer:  Denver Housing Authority
This development will serve families in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, an area facing significant gentrification due to rising property values and the high cost of living. Ten older public housing units will be demolished and the residents who moved from these units will be given the right of first refusal to return to a new unit at the site with a project-based voucher. Denver Housing Authority will offer a range of services for the residents to support self-sufficiency and quality of life. The development will be within walking distance to schools, shops, restaurants, and public transit.

53 Units:  14 One-Bedroom, 22 Two-Bedroom, 17 Three-Bedroom
2 @ 20% AMI, 9 @ 30% AMI, 3 at 40% AMI, 12 @ 50% AMI, 13 @ 60% AMI, 12 @ 70% AMI, 2 @ 80% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $1,200,000

Villas at Mesa Ridge, Fountain
Developer:  Zimmerman Properties
Villas at Mesa Ridge will serve seniors age 62 and older in a town that has not had a LIHTC award in over 15 years and has no LIHTC-supported senior housing. The development will be located five miles from Fort Carson Army Base, which provides many services for its retired military personnel residing in the area. The developer has budgeted funds to provide residents with a membership to the Fountain Valley Senior Center, which will provide meals, education, activities, and transportation. The developer has also engaged The Evangelical Good Samaritan Society to provide remote-service coordination to the residents. The development will be located within walking distance to everyday services such as a grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants, and an urgent care clinic.

60 Units: 30 One-Bedroom; 30 Two-Bedroom
12 @ 30% AMI; 6 @ 40% AMI; 5 @ 50% AMI; 25 @ 60% AMI; 12 @ 80% AMI
9% Credit Awarded: $1,350,000