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‚ÄčThe following affordable housing developments were awarded federal and state housing credits by CHFA.

2700 Wewatta Affordable Apartments, Denver
Developer: Rivet Development

This development will be located in the Denargo Market area of Denver’s River North Art District and will house residents ages 18 to 24 who are transitioning from homelessness and/or foster care in a supportive housing environment. Services will be provided by the nonprofit, TGTHR to End Youth Homelessness (TGTHR), Mental Health Center of Denver, and other service agencies. The Colorado Division of Housing will provide 56 project-based vouchers as rental subsidy. The development will be amenity- and service-intensive and include a social enterprise space to provide employment opportunities for residents. 

56 Units: 52 One-Bedrooms; Four Two-Bedrooms
28 @ 30% AMI; 28 @ 50% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $781,055
4% Credit Awarded: $684,816

All Saints Senior Apartments, Denver
Developer: Archdiocesan Housing

All Saints Senior Apartments will be an infill development in south Denver adjacent to the Church of All Saints. The development will support residents ages 62 or older and will leverage services provided by the developer at two other nearby developments. The development is close to public transportation, grocery, retail, and other amenities. 

63 Units: Four Studios; 59 One-Bedrooms
12 @ 30% AMI; Five @ 40% AMI; 12 @ 50% AMI; 34 @ 60% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $735,380
4% Credit Awarded: $588,304

Bluebird, Boulder
Developer: Element Properties

Bluebird will be the second, non-age restricted, supportive housing development in Boulder for individuals and households exiting homelessness with multiple barriers to housing stability. The development will include trauma-informed design with generous amenity space for onsite service provision and free in-unit wireless service. The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless will be the lead service provider along with other partners. The development will be located in the transit-oriented Boulder Junction and is supported with funding from the City of Boulder and Boulder County. Boulder Housing Partners and the Colorado Division of Housing will provide project-based vouchers for rental subsidy.

40 Units: Eight Studios; 32 One-Bedrooms
40 @ 30% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $733,107
4% Credit Awarded: $586,486

Bonsai Apartments, Sheridan
Developer: Medici Development

Bonsai Apartments will be the first new construction affordable development in the City of Sheridan and will serve individuals and families.  The development will be located on the site of a former nursery founded by a veteran World War II pilot and a Japanese American who was interned at Camp Amache and will feature an exhibit honoring the site’s history. The development will include nine project-based vouchers from Innovative Housing Concepts (Sheridan’s local housing authority) to support families with extremely low income. Integrated Family Community Services will provide an onsite coordinator to support activities and referrals for education, self-sufficiency, job preparation, and enrichment opportunities. 

149 Units: 75 One-Bedrooms; 65 Two-Bedrooms; Nine Three-Bedrooms
9 @ 30% AMI; 12 @ 40% AMI; 48 @ 50% AMI; 80 @ 60% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $995,137
4% Credit Awarded: $1,729,349

Eagle Meadow Homes, Aurora
Developer: Community Housing Partners

This development will offer deep affordability and serve individuals and families in Aurora’s City Center North neighborhood. Homeless families in the [email protected] Rapid Rehousing Program will be given preference for 11 units. Comprehensive resident services will be offered to all residents supported by a Resident Services Coordinator, including after-school programming and adult education and training.  

93 Units: 21 One-Bedrooms; 48 Two-Bedrooms; 24 Three-Bedrooms
11 @ 30% AMI; 13 @ 40% AMI; 49 @ 50% AMI; 20 @ 60% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $1,000,000
4% Credit Awarded: $1,562,268

Flo, Denver
Developer: Denver Housing Authority

This development will serve residents 55 years and older in two high-rise buildings in Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood. Half of the units will be supported with a project-based voucher provided by the developer. An onsite service coordinator will be available to residents, along with multiple service partnerships to support aging in place and a focus on health, nutrition and wellness, transportation, and social opportunities. The development leverages funding from the D3 Bond Program.  

212 Units: 202 One-Bedrooms: 10 Two-Bedrooms
83 @ 30% AMI; 23 @ 50% AMI; 106 @ 60% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $900,000
4% Credit Awarded: $3,874,164

Jewell Apartments, Aurora
Developer: Community Housing Development Association

Jewell Apartments will be an infill development in south Aurora within walking distance to employment opportunities, childcare, medical services, grocery, and other amenities. The development will include a community resource center and space for the developer’s corporate operations. The development will also include commercial space for lease and tenants will be selected based on community needs.

81 Units: 23 One-Bedrooms; 44 Two Bedrooms; 14 Three-Bedrooms 
Nine @ 30% AMI; Seven @ 40% AMI; 15 @ 50% AMI; 38 @ 60% AMI; 12 @ 80% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $799,070
4% Credit Awarded: $1,445,384

Johnson and Wales Family Housing, Denver
Developer: Archway Investment Corporation

This development will be an adaptive reuse of four historic dormitory buildings into affordable housing on the former Johnson and Wales Campus in Denver’s south Park Hill neighborhood. Urban Land Conservancy will provide a ground lease at no cost to support the development. Residents will benefit from a full-time service coordinator, as well as schools and training programs available on the former campus. 

154 Units: Three Studios; 55 One-Bedrooms; 70- Two-Bedrooms, 26 Three-Bedrooms
10 @ 30% AMI; 19 @ 50% AMI; 125 @ 60% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $1,000,000
4% Credit Awarded: $1,907,312

Mount Calvary Senior, Boulder
Developer: Boulder Housing Partners

This development features the adaptive reuse of a former church and new construction of a residential building serving residents ages 55 and older in south Boulder. The former church renovation will include community space for residents and an existing childcare center. The development will serve 15 older adults exiting homelessness in supportive housing units with project-based vouchers provided by the developer. Comprehensive resident services will be offered in addition to supportive services provided by Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

60 Units: 54 One-Bedrooms; 6 Two-Bedrooms
11 @ 30% AMI; Five @ 40% AMI; 40 @ 50% AMI; Four @ 60% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $662,227
4% Credit Awarded: $1,180,147

Paloma Garden, Colorado Springs
Developer: Volunteers of America National Services

Paloma Garden will involve renovation of an existing building combined with new construction of a second residential building in southeast Colorado Springs. The new building will be certified by the Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) advance energy efficiency program. The development will serve residents ages 62 and older and feature resident services and design strategies developed from a comprehensive health assessment plan to help residents age in place. Rental assistance will be provided for all residents at the existing building. 

126 Units: 117 One-Bedrooms; 9 Two-Bedrooms;
50 @ 30% AMI; Six @ 40% AMI; Six @ 50% AMI; 63 @ 60% AMI, One employee unit
State Credit Awarded: $1,000,000
4% Credit Awarded: $1,489,395

Park Ridge Apartments, Brighton, Estes Park, and Limon
Developer: Chrisman Development 

This development will consist of four existing buildings across three Colorado communities: Brighton, Estes Park, and Limon. Three of the buildings will serve families and one building will serve residents ages 62 and older. All buildings will receive comprehensive upgrades. U.S. Department of Agricultural Rural Development rental assistance will support 67 units. The scattered-site development leverages the opportunity to preserve critical affordable housing that would not be feasible with individual sites.

118 Units: 71 One-Bedrooms; 46 Two-Bedroom
17 @ 30% AMI; Nine @ 50% AMI; 81 @ 60% AMI, Eight @ 80% AMI, Three employee units
State Credit Awarded: $930,002
4% Credit Awarded: $1,205,000

Peoria Crossing Phase II, Aurora
Developer: Aurora Housing Authority

This development is the second phase of Peoria Crossing and will complete the buildout of this site near employment opportunities, services, and amenities in Aurora. The developer will provide a resident services team supporting the full campus that will provide programs to enrich health, education, and self-sufficiency.  

72 Units: 20 One-Bedrooms; 34 Two-Bedrooms; 18 Three-Bedrooms
Eight @ 30% AMI; Six @ 40% AMI; 20 @ 50% AMI; 38 @ 60% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $970,004
4% Credit Awarded: $943,092

Ralston Gardens, Arvada
Developer: Mile High Development and Brinshore Development

This development will be located in Arvada’s Ralston Valley redevelopment near transit and community amenities. All residents will receive NECO passes for public transportation use. Eight project-based vouchers from the Arvada Housing Authority will support residents participating in Arvada’s Homeless Navigator program. The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority is supporting the development with a land parcel donation. 

102 Units: 66 One-Bedrooms; 32 Two-Bedrooms; Four Three-Bedrooms 
Eight @ 30% AMI; 15 @ 40% AMI; 16 @ 50% AMI; 32 @ 60% AMI; 31 @ 70% AMI
State Credit Awarded: $1,000,000
4% Credit Awarded: $1,139,742

Wintergreen Ridge, Keystone
Developer: Gorman and Company

This development will join a community of affordable and workforce residential developments in Keystone. Wintergreen Ridge will be certified by the Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) advanced energy efficiency program and will be all-electric constructed. The project is supported by the Summit Combined Housing Authority and funding from Summit County. Residents will have convenient access to public transportation along Highway 6 and maintained pedestrian/bike paths.

46 Units: 12 One-Bedrooms; 29 Two-Bedrooms; 5 Three-Bedrooms 
Three @ 30% AMI; Five @ 50% AMI; 38 @ 60% AMI; One employee unit
State Credit Awarded: $700,000
4% Credit Awarded: $879,000