The Housing Professionals Institute (HPI) is a career development opportunity for those working in Colorado’s affordable housing industry.

HPIColorLogoWeb300px.pngHousing Professionals Institute: Building Careers

The curriculum was developed by the staff and advisors of the chfareach program to address real-world challenges, such as hiring from outside of the industry, promoting from within, and expanding to include new funding sources.

HPI complements the chfareach curriculum by focusing on certificate tracks to promote competency and skills necessary across diverse roles. With  three certificate tracks, HPI integrates best practices and insight from interrelated fields. It contributes to industry standards of professionalism while investing in employee retention and development.

Participants at all levels benefit by expanding competency and expertise that is desirable to employers, peers, advocates, and clients.

Employers benefit from a reliable resource for onboarding and developing staff.

While any participant is welcome to take a single class, participants will receive an HPI certificate upon completion of a full course of study. A program is considered complete once a participant has attended a minimum of 12 HPI class hours within a certificate track. Included classes must take place within a maximum of two consecutive calendar years.

Certificate Tracks Offered