resident program

​Resident Education Resources 
Chfareach members can offer onsite resident education and tenant programs, further enriching their community.

Resident programs may be customized to your community's specific needs and interests, and may be easily adjusted to appeal to residents of all ages and backgrounds.​

The Resident Education Program is a benefit of chfareach membership. 

schedule a class for your community

chfareach Resident Education Request Form must be completed and submitted online. Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis. An updated catalog will be posted once per season, however requests can also be made for future seasons. For example, it is fine to request a fall program from the summer catalog. 

chfareach staff member will find resources to fit your request and set up the class with the instructor.  


Contact Sasha Boyarskaya, at 303.297.7497, to discuss your resident needs.