The chfareach membership and training program is a statewide, cost-effective educational tool that stabilizes and enriches your affordable housing community.

chfareach classes
chfareach classes
Chfareach members can attend for free, and nonmembers can attend classes for $50 (half-day) or $75 (full day). Please note some classes and workshops may require additional fees to attend;  these fees will be listed with the class description.

If you have a topic you would like to request, please contact chfareach.

Parking options for CHFA's Denver office

Membership Benefits

As a member property, all of your staff can access:  
  • Priority member registration over nonmembers,
  • Opportunities to network with your peers, and
  • Unlimited access to 100+ annual top-notch training opportunities​,​ and ​
  • Discounted prices for certification classes.​

Membership types

Various membership  types are available depending on the size and scope of your organization.
Types include:
  • Nonprofit
  • Business
  • Property
  • Housing portfolio

Become a Member Today

Enhance your commitment to effective management and service delivery.

Just follow these three steps to complete your enrollment in chfareach!
  1. Please contact Belinda Waldron, ​chfareach Coordinator, at 303.297.7394​ to become a member. ​
  2. Pay online.
  3. Last, but not least… Sign up for classes! Visit our online calendar.

To learn more about chfareach, please visit the What is chfareach?​ page.​​

Contact chfareach

Please contact us with questions about chfareach, online access, or registration.