Resources, Education, & Assistance for Colorado Housing (chfareach)

What is chfareach?

The chfareach membership and training program is a statewide, cost-effective educational tool that stabilizes and enriches your affordable housing community.

C​hfareach membership supports all multifamily property staff members—owners, managers, and site staff—by providing up-to-date information and education about the affordable housing industry.​

Learn more about chfareach (PDF).​

Types of Classes

​Chfareach provides technical assistance for programs and funding that CHFA administers or oversees. We highlight collaborative work with statewide partners.

Sample classes include:

  • CHFA Qualified Allocation Plan
  • Private Activity Bonds
  • Capital  Magnet Fund
  • Income Averaging
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Chfareach supports all multifamily property staff members by providing up-to-date information and educations about the affordable housing industry.

Topic areas include:

  • Compliance
  • Resident service provision
  • Fair Housing law
  • Property maintenance
  • Professional development
  • chfareach calendar

Chfareach members can offer onsite resident education and tenant programs, further enriching their community. Resident programs may be customized to your community's specific needs and interests, and may be easily adjusted to appeal to residents of all ages and backgrounds.

Sample classes include:

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Please contact us with questions about chfareach, online access, or registration.