The Program is an innovative housing solution and pilot program that aims to help credit-invisible renters and renters with weak credit potentially build credit by reporting timely rent payments to consumer reporting agencies.


Given CHFA’s mission to strengthen Colorado by investing in affordable housing and economic development, and pursuant to the Rent Reporting for Credit Pilot Program Act, Part 10 of Article 4 of Title 29, Colorado Revised Statutes (the “Act”), CHFA was named to oversee the Rent Reporting for Credit Pilot Program (the “Program”) created by the Act.


Through CHFA’s Request For Proposal process, CHFA selected RentTrack by Self Financial Incorporated to help administer the Program. To address credit invisibility for Coloradans, the goals of the Program included gathering data to evaluate rent reporting, in which a landlord reports on-time rent payments to the three largest credit reporting companies nationwide.

The Program enrolled six landlords and 443 diverse tenants across 33 properties located in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, and the greater Denver area and gathered survey data on key indicators including program administration, successes, and satisfaction. Participating tenants saw an average credit score increase of 62 points during the pilot period.

Program Report

The Rent Reporting for Credit Pilot Program report includes details on CHFA’s administration of the Program between October 1, 2021, and April 1, 2024. This report is intended to fulfill the reporting requirements as detailed in C.R.S. 29-4-1005.