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The Program is an innovative housing solution and pilot program that aims to help credit-invisible renters and renters with weak credit potentially build credit by reporting timely rent payments to consumer reporting agencies.


Given CHFA’s mission to strengthen Colorado by investing in affordable housing and economic development, and pursuant to the Rent Reporting for Credit Pilot Program Act, Part 10 of Article 4 of Title 29, Colorado Revised Statutes (the “Act”), CHFA has been named to oversee the Rent Reporting for Credit Pilot Program (the “Program”) created by the Act. The Program anticipates enlisting no more than 10 landlords, and at least 100 tenants who live in properties owned or managed by such landlords, with an emphasis on populations that are underserved and under-represented in homeownership.

The Program is intended to be a catalyst for Colorado renters to responsibly build credit by reporting rent payments similarly to how homeowners report mortgage payments. Concluding no later than 2024, the Program will gather important data to help evaluate both tenants’ and landlords’ positive and negative experiences with rent reporting, and if rent reporting may prove a successful path for helping renters build credit and pursue homeownership.


Through CHFA’s Request For Proposal process, CHFA selected RentTrack to help administer the Program. As part of administering the Program, RentTrack will be specifically responsible for:

  • providing a credit reporting platform and a method for collecting payment data from a variety of landlords;
  • recruiting, educating, and training landlords who will collectively have a goal of at least 100 total voluntary participant tenants; and
  • collecting programmatic information on the Pilot Program, including but not limited to the information required to be reported under C.R.S. § 29-4-1005.

Program Rules

Landlords and tenants may learn more about the program and participation by reading the rules.

A financial education course is provided by Contractor before tenants can participate in the Pilot Program.


Landlords interested in learning more about the Credit Reporting Program may contact CHFA at [email protected].