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​CHFA Seller's Guide, Debarment and Exclusionary Lists, Electronic Signatures, Appraiser Oversight, Data Security Breach, Legal and Regulatory Requirements for Manufactured Homes, IRS Tax Transcripts, Self-employment Documentation, DPA Award Letters, Property Taxes, and Miscellaneous Updates
Signatures, Third-party Originators,CHFA Overlays, Lender Self-service, Expired Locks, CHFA Program Compliance Review, Purchase Reconciliations, Repurchase Liability Period, and Miscellaneous Updates​
Clarification on total loan amount, Debt-to-income (DTI) limits, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) allowed, Well documentation that is no longer required,  Property Inspection Waivers (PIW) not acceptable, Clarified Lock Expiration and extension capabilities, Lender self-service features, Tax Return requirements, Mineral endorsement requirements, Miscellaneous technical updates
Added “Lender Communication” section, Deleted references to the CHFA Advantagesm Program, Changed term “Minimum Financial Investment” to “Minimum Borrower Financial Contribution” , Changes to underwriting and CHFA Down Payment Assistance (DPA) options on CHFA Preferredsm Programs,  Specified that CHFA will not fund DPA without purchasing the associated CHFA First Mortgage Loan, Reminder to comply with any applicable interest rate caps, Miscellaneous technical updates ​
​Reservation Now Referenced as Lock, Marketing Materials, Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC), Loan Limits and Purchase Limits, CHFA HomeAccesssm and CHFA SectionEight Homeownershipsm Programs updates, Relocking Loans, Document Errors, Funding and Servicing Transfers Timelines, Miscellaneous Updates, 
Lender Approval Process and Renewal Requirements, Down Payment Assistance as Principal Reduction, TRID 2.0 Disclosures, CHFA HomeAccess and CHFA SectionEight Homeownership Homebuyer Education, Property Inspections, and Interest Credit Guidelines, Early Payoffs and Service Release Premium, Miscellaneous Updates 
​CHFA Seller's Guide Updates, User Consent and eNews Communications, Cisterns, CHFA Second Mortgage Loan Subordination Terms, Interest Rates Availability, Reservation Changes, Transfers, and Cancellations, Calculating Income, First Payment Due Date, Miscellaneous Updates 

​Condominium Project Approvals, Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) Requirements, Specificity Regarding Appraisal Independence Requirements (AIR), Miscellaneous Updates
​Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) Requirements 

​CHFA FirstStepsm and FirstStep Plussm, Gross Household Income and Calculation Methodology,  Miscellaneous Updates 

​Down Payment Assistance Updates, Borrower Premium Changes, Very Low-Income Program (VLIP) for CHFA Freddie Mac® Programs, Reintroduction of the CHFA MCCsm Program, Miscellaneous Updates