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​co-branding guide
​CHFA does not review or approve marketing materials on behalf of its Participating Lenders.

Please view the Cobranding Guide for more information.
To help you represent yourself as a CHFA Participating Lender, we've created Participating Lender badges for you to use on any marketing or advertising materials that reference CHFA products.​

Email CHFA Marketing and Community Relations Division at to request a PL badge. The team is also available to help you integrate the badges into your marketing collateral if needed. Learn more about using the badges, how to reference program names, etc., in the CHFA Participating Lender Cobranding Guide​.

• • • Cobranded program flyers • • •

The marketing flyers below allow you to enter your contact information and have the CHFA Participating Lender badge built into the design. You can also request to have your company logo and a business photo inserted by contacting the CHFA Marketing and Community Relations Division at​​.

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• • • program flyers (not cobranded) • • •

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Contact CHFA Marketing and Community Relations​ for additional information or assistance.